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"I have had Dr. Jones present at a number of conferences for the Confederation of Oregon School Administrators and in each and every case her audience has showered me with praise for selecting her as a presenter. She knows a great deal about brain research, but more importantly, she knows how this information applies to a classroom situation."
Bill Beck, COSA Director of
Professional Development

"Dr. Jan Jones is a high energy, nationally recognized presenter and consultant in the areas of brain research, futures driven instruction, curriculum design and alignment. Her work is cutting edge, relevant, practical…. Jan’s expertise is buttressed with humor and wit while engaging participants in rigorous learning and leadership experiences!"
Joann Mychals, Executive
Director, Washington State Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

Dr. Jones' presentation at our IRA conference in Hawaii was not only mentally stimulating but it challenged all of us to really question our current practices and gave us great strategies to change our instruction for the future.
Western Region International Reading Association Participant

Building Millennial Minds

Preparing Today’s Learners for Tomorrow’s World

Dr. Jones’ Keynotes, Workshops and Curriculum-Instruction Alignment Projects are future focused, standards linked, visionary…..

Today’s exponential rate of change, intensified by pioneering research that is  unlocking the secrets of the human brain, is increasingly fueled by genetic mapping, fluctuating demographics, transformational technology, cultural infusion, poverty, and global economic shifts.

These tsunamic forces are playing an increasingly critical role in the design, content and delivery of instructional options necessary to effectively prepare students for the emerging Millennium 2000!

21st Century Literacies/fluencies are essential elements of a future’s based    educational program. Learn what they are, why they must be integrated, and how to create the time and resources to make a “Millennial Shift.”


Keynotes and Workshops:

  • Building Millennial Minds: Preparing Today's Students for Tomorrow's World
  • Brainy Principles: Learning in the Digital Age
  • Digital Age Learning: What, Why and How Students Learn Best
  • No Child Left Behind Needs to BE Left Behind

Consulting Options:

  • Curriculum Program Audit and Long Range Planning
  • Instructional Program Refinement
  • Creating Curriculum Guides for 21st Century Learners



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