scienceDr. Jones is a 30 year veteran of the K-12 Public School system. Her educational tenure as Executive Director, Consultant, Keynoter, Author, Graduate Level Professor, Building Administrator and Teacher all enrich the breadth and depth of expertise demonstrated in her presentations and consultations. Jan’s keynotes, workshops and seminars receive rave reviews and return invitations! Her passion for public education and its very high priority as a major foundational component of this nation’s continued global leadership, drive her on-going work to bring relevant-future focused ideas, creative solutions, collaborative perspectives, ethics and, yes, fun to educators at all levels of the profession!

Dr. Jones is also a Primary Associate in the VIA (Vision Into Action) Associates group out of San Antonio, Texas. This group of six exceptionally talented and seasoned administrators have combined professional resources to assist districts with futures planning, transformation, visioning, interventions and systems strategies. Their web page is available at www.viaaeducation.com and phone access is available at 310-408-6778.

Future Presentations:
Texas Council for Women School Executives, Mid Winter Conference, Austin, TX., January 28-29, 2012

Recent Presentations:

St Thomas University, Houston, Tx., June 23, 2011, Keynote address:  Hot Flashes for Bridging into the 21st Century Fluencies.

Past Presentations:
  • VIA Associates
  • National Staff Development Conference (Ticketed Session)
  • Confederation of Oregon School Administrators, State Conference
  • National ASCD Conference (Ticketed Session)
  • Western Region International Reading Association - Breakout Session
  • Washington State Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development - Action Lab
  • WORD/WSTA Conference - Featured Speaker

Professional Recognition:

The Revolutionaries. A 2011 directory of informed critics, creative innovators and system architects and builders who are advocates for the transformation of educational systems and their component school systems.

Compiled by Francis M Duffy, Ph.D.
The FM Duffy Group


  • Co-author,  Vision Into Action:  A Management Tool for MAXIMIZING Systemic Performance, 2010
  • No Right Turn
  • What's Left After the Right
  • 35 related educational journal/publication articles


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