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This was FASCINATING! Dr. Jones did a great job of presenting information that is so important for us to have in the 21st Century! She is very knowledgeable and a great presenter!
ASCD 2007 National
Conference Ticketed Session

Dr. Jones' presentation at our IRA conference in Hawaii was not only mentally stimulating but it challenged all of us to really question our current practices and gave us great strategies to change our instruction for the future.
Western Region International
Reading Association
workshop participant

"Our staff benefited greatly from your presentation at Shadle Park High School recently. As we work in small groups, what
they learned from you is often mentioned and undoubltedly impacts teachers' planning and instruction. Thank you for sharing your expertise and passion!"
Jo Vogel, Vice Principal
Shadle Park High School

Building Millennial Minds: Preparing Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s World.

A mentally energizing presentation that will challenge your professional perspectives of teaching and learning! Contemporary brain research, global change initiatives, the digital revolution, 21st Century literacies and constructivist instructional strategies are melded into essential learnings necessary for student success in the forthcoming millennium. Suggested steps to create momentum for initiating 21st century skills in your educational system are included.

Brainy Principles: Learning in the Digital Age.

Their brains ARE wired differently! Children are increasingly exposed to multi processing experiences at earlier and earlier ages. They come to the school house doors ready to learn in a variety of different ways! Brain scans and exciting research regarding the physiology of learning are stimulating innovative, integrated and differentiated instructional strategies that promote the application of knowledge across all the content areas. This session focuses on the key aspects of the Conceptual Age and the kinds of changes incumbent upon this nation’s public education system.

Digital Age Learning: What, Why, How and When Students Learn Best.

Extensive coverage of contemporary brain research including nuances of the adolescent brain. The program includes current societal and technological changes that impact the lives and choices of today’s students. New 21st literacies are explained and encouraged as a means by which learners are better prepared for 21st Century opportunities and challenges!

No Child Left Behind Needs to BE Left Behind

A challenging session that discusses the major components of this legislation, its resultant impact on America’s educational system and some revolutionary suggestions for restructuring our public schools. Be prepared to have some strongly held beliefs challenged and be prepared to consider some innovative concepts regarding teaching and learning in the Conceptual Age!


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