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"Dr. Jan Jones is a high energy, nationally recognized presenter and consultant in the areas of brain research, futures driven instruction, curriculum design and alignment. Her work is cutting edge, relevant, practical….Jan’s expertise is buttressed with humor and wit while engaging participants in rigorous learning and leadership experiences!"
Joann Mychals, Retired Executive
Director, Washington State

Association for Supervision
and Curriculum Development

Curriculum Department Program Audit and Long Range Planning

A curriculum department audit of your district’s curriculum policies, procedures, curriculum guides, K-12 scope and sequences, course syllabi, formative-summative assessments and their alignment and connected professional development plans. The audit will determine the “what is” and conjointly prepare a plan for the “what should be” based on the district’s unique vision and long range planning initiatives. Audits may be short term projects or extend into one or multiple year options, depending on the extent to which change is expected to occur. Instructional Program Refinement. Utilizing a district’s current resources and prior planning, this process collaboratively addresses short and long range interventions to facilitate the success of a district’s vision and mission goals. The process may entail more data collection, surveys, facilitation of community and educator meetings and proposals for operationalizing the projected goals and objectives.

Creating Curriculum Guides for 21st Century Learners

Most curriculum guides are closely aligned with respective state stanards. Most curriculum guides reflect many objectives to be mastered within a specified amount of instructional time. Most curriculum guides reflect instruction based on industrial age design and singularity, not what is meaningful and imperative for this millennium. This is a collaborative, analytical process that includes an action plan that defines essential learnings and melds contemporary strategies/literacies/fluencies into instructional guides that promote conceptual integration and  complexity.

Developing a Transformation Plan to move Your system into the 21st Century

Today's educational systems are overwhelmed with the "test prep" and punitive aspects of NCLB.  Additionally the total educational spectrum is experiencing tsunamic changes in terms of technology, immigration, new learning research, accountability, global connections, fiscal depletion....What takes priority?  How can leadership find time and resources to make effective 21st century changes?  How does the system empower its talented and dedicated instructional staff?  What are the roles and responsibilities of parents and the community?   Systematic planning can be accomplished based on the unique needs and goals of the system.  Staff, Students, Parents and administration can be energized and together, transform a system! 


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